Board Member

Carol Short

Carol Short is the Associate Director of the University of New Orleans Transportation Institute (UNOTI) and administrator of the Master of Science in Transportation (MST). Under her purview is the development and implementation of program criteria; curriculum development; coordination of related conferences, seminars, and continuing education programs; public relations, and community outreach. She has extensive personal and professional experience with the maritime industry and serves as the Institute’s liaison to the maritime community.

Ms. Short, an advocate for education, workforce development and community outreach, has worked throughout Louisiana on federally funded work-based learning programs for middle and high school students. She continues this work through similar programs designed to introduce, educate and create linkages for students to the transportation industry. Ms. Short has served on the organizing committees of several national conferences and seminars on transportation and women’s leadership issues. She is a founding host of the National Evacuation Conference and the Louisiana Women Leaders Conference on Small Business Entrepreneurship and a founding member of both the Louisiana and Greater New Orleans’ Chapters of the Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS). Her civic and philanthropic interests are fulfilled through her extensive board and committee service with the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization (BRAVO), Cancer Crusaders, Inc., Men and Women of Fashion, Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business, Key to the Cure, and the St. Elizabeth’s Guild.