Friends of LCWGB 501(c)3 Board Members

Sandy Rosenthal, Vice-President

Sandy Rosenthal

Sandy Rosenthal is well known in New Orleans for her role in founding and leading the influential group, Prior to the 2005 hurricane in New Orleans, Sandy was a marketing executive and part-time fitness instructor, but after the Army Corps of Engineers levees failed, she was driven to lead a team that would show that in New Orleans, the natural disaster known as “Katrina” was in fact the worst civil engineering disaster in U.S. history.

Sandy recruited Harry Shearer (voice of the Simpsons) and actor John Goodman to assist with outreach for the group’s message. Using video, social media, letter-writing teams and many other actions, educates citizens nationwide on the facts surrounding the 2005 flooding.

In a space of just a few years, Sandy built from scratch a mailing list of more than 25,000 individual supporters and chapters in five states. Among many successful projects, Sandy and her group have installed plaques which are vetted and fact checked by the Louisiana State Office of Historic Preservation at the breach sites of the 17th Street and London Avenue canals.

Rosenthal is a Hall of Fame inductee with the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business and was recently recognized as a “Most Influential Woman” by Mount Holyoke College.