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The Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business provides nonpartisan support and resources to encourage and promote the leadership of women through educational workshops, training seminars, outreach programs and special events. The Center is committed to promoting women in government and public service, to cultivating economic opportunities for women, to acknowledging achievements of women and to teaching all citizens about the importance of public service and responsible citizenship.

The Center is actively engaged in statewide leadership programming, including Louisiana Girls Leadership Academy, National Women’s Leadership Summit on Small Business Entrepreneurship, Non-Partisan Campaign Institute and the Hall of Fame.

The LCWGB is governed by a non-profit board of highly accomplished women. It also partners with other organizations and boards in support of its programs.

Featured Board Member

Sandy Rosenthal

Sandy Rosenthal

Sandy Rosenthal is well known in New Orleans for her role in founding and leading the influential group, Prior to the 2005 hurricane in New Orleans, Sandy was a marketing executive and part-time fitness instructor, but after the Army Corps …

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