Front Porch Get-Togethers

The LCWGB knows how important it is for women to have a strong support system. Behind every strong leader stands a friend, mentor or role model that has helped guide her through her journey. By hosting a series of small, casual gatherings at the residences of various LCWGB members, the Center provides a way for women to connect, share ideas and get support in a relaxed and comfortable setting. These events also provide an opportunity for ambitious young women to be mentored by seasoned leaders of the LCWGB.

Upcoming Front Porch Get-Together Event Information will be announced at a later date.

Additional Information:

If you would like to attend an upcoming front porch get-together, or if you are interested in hosting an event , contact the LCWGB at 985-448-4770.

A copy of our Mentorship Application Form will be made available for download soon, if you are interested in becoming a LCWGB mentor.