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Laura Badeaux, PhD., Director

Laura Badeaux

Dr. Laura Badeaux, with the permission of the Nicholls State University President, founded the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business (LCWGB) in 1990 with the help of Senator Leonard Chabert.  While an associate professor and then a full professor teaching business courses she created for the Petroleum Services Department at NSU, Laura served as LCWGB President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian and Board Member.  In 1994 Laura, with Cherry Fisher-May of Lafayette created the LCWGB Hall of Fame to honor outstanding women in public service. After becoming LCWGB President in 2008, Laura and Corporate Board President Sandra Herman extended Hall of Fame honors to women of business achievements and LCWGB service.

As LCWGB Director, Laura created nine programs, eight of which are highlighted on the brochure on the LCWGB website.  Also, spotlighted are some of the men and women Laura involved in programs to allow women program participants and LGLA participants the opportunity to network with high-powered visionaries whom participants may never meet or learn from.

Laura served Nicholls State University as Faculty Senate President and on numerous committees serving academia and student needs.  She also founded and served as President of PRO NSU.

In government service, Laura created the Lafourche Commission on Women through a parish ordinance in 1986.  She was elected President from 1986-1990 and from 2000-present. The Lafourche Commission on Women is a co-host of Louisiana Girls Leadership Academy.

Badeaux was appointed by two Governors to the Louisiana Commission on Women’s Policy and Research from 2004-present and served as chair from 2007-2015.  She also served on the first Louisiana Commission on Women under Governor Edwards. Laura’s government service has included both Democratic and Republican appointments to serve the people with multiple needs in Lafourche Parish.

Laura served the Louisiana Jaycee Jaynes as state president,  the Thibodaux Jaycee Jaynes as President and the United States Jaycee Jaynes as a leadership trainer across the southern United States.

Laura holds a PhD in Management, Business Communication and Marketing from Louisiana State University and is a full professor at Nicholls State University.  She is a published speaker on leadership, communications, power, and parliamentary procedure.

Laura was honored in Washington as one of the Ten Outstanding Women in America, inducted into the Hall of Fame of LCWGB, inducted into Women of Fashion for outstanding service with style, honored as one of only three women named Outstanding Citizen of Thibodaux, honored by the Lafourche Parish Council for Leadership and Programming.

An extensive list of Dr. Laura Badeaux’s service, honors and publications can be obtained through LCWGB.