Friends of LCWGB 501(c)3 Board Members

Sandra T. Herman, President

Sandra T. Herman

Sandra Herman has had a distinguished career in both government and business. Originally from Northeast Louisiana, she spent most of her life in Baton Rouge.  In government, she rose from Assistant to the Secretary of State to serving as department head twice, first in the 1970s where she designed and served as the first Cabinet-level Secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism.

Sandra Thompson Herman was also the first woman to run for Louisiana Secretary of State only losing by less than 1%.


In the 1990s, Sandra returned to state government to lead the Atchafalaya Basin program, a multi-million-dollar project to enhance and promote Louisiana’s great swamp wilderness.  These experiences of bringing people together have helped in her many volunteer endeavors.

In the interim, in the 1980s, Sandra formed an oilfield service company and worked there for 15 years as owner and CEO.  This business experience taught her valuable lessons she now shares as a mentor to young women entering into business.

Sandra retired in 2007, married Russ Herman and moved to New Orleans, where she continues to work with numerous groups and organizations including the French Market Corporation’s Board of Directors and as the Corporate President of the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business’s Board of Directors. She is an active member of BRAVO, the organization that supports the New Orleans Ballet Association. Sandra is President of The Club, a networking organization which offers participants the opportunity to network and exchange business cards and information in a social setting.  Sandra is also assisting her son Ron Thompson in his oilfield business in San Antonio, Texas.


Sandra has been the recipient of numerous awards including Entrepreneur of the Year in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Wildlife Federation’s Professional Conservationist of the Year twice, and the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Louisiana Center for Women in Government.

Sandra is grandmother to two beautiful children, Bradley and Ella, who live in Denver, Colorado with parents Beth (Sandra’s daughter) and Rick Jackson.

As President of the non-partisan LCWGB, it is Sandra’s goal to bring women from all walks of life and all ages together to support and assist each other, whether in government or business.